What makes a man

Do you fear the force of the wind 你可害怕寒风凛冽,

The slash of the rain? 你可畏惧大雨滂沱

Go face them and fight them, 去迎着风雨努力拼搏

Be savage again .还你原始本色

Go hungry and cold like the wolf 象狼一样去经受饥寒

Go wade like the crane. 象鹤一般去跋涉河川

The palms of your hands will thicken, 你的手掌变得厚实粗壮

The skin of your cheeks will tan 你的脸庞晒得古铜发亮

You’ll grow ragged and weary and swarthy,你会变得衣衫褴褛,皮肤黝黑,疲惫不堪,

But you will walk like a man! 但你步履沉稳,是个堂堂男子汉!

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