赤壁 Red Cliff
举全国之力 mobilize the entire army
信誓旦旦 solemnly vow oneself
军师 chief strategist
追兵 pursuing forces
一个时辰 two hours
成大事不讲小人小义 to success you have to set aside these trival matters
敌众我寡 we are greatly outnumbered by the enemy
驾 quick
贤臣择主而侍 a wise man chooses his lord carefully
背后伤人 stab sb from behind
相互制衡 form a power triangle
助纣为虐 aid a tyrant
孔曰成仁 confucius spoke of giveing oneself to justice
孟曰取义 mencius spole of sacrificing for righteousness
挟天子以令诸侯 control the Han Emperor and fabricates His Majesty's commands
英才盖世 wisdom is known to the world
强弩之末不能穿鲁缟 as the saying goes,a worn spear cannot even penetrate a thin cloth
苟且之徒 shameless cowards
韬光养晦 be concealing one's abilities
都督 viceroy
大人 Your Hornor
失敬 Pardon me
欲望使人年轻 desire makes one young
出师无名 have no justifiable reason for the war
三军左都督 viveroy in chief
右都督 Lieutenant viceroy
赞军校尉 Consulting Commander
关关雎鸠 guan guan the ospreys cried
在河之洲 from the sandy river side
窈窕淑女 lovely maiden,modest and fair
君子好逑 makes a fine match for the gentleman
刘豫州 Lord mayor liu
天下兴亡 匹夫有责 a man should share the responsibility for the rise and fall of the kingdom
绣花 make flower weavings
丞相 Prime Minister
使者 messager
八卦阵 yinyang formation
虚者实之 实者虚之 truth and illusion are often disguised as each other
粽子 rice ball
为有德者居之 onlya a righteous leader own his land
续弦之事 re-marrying
穴道 acupunture point
蹴鞠 cuju




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