Stephen Chow Sing Chi 周星驰 电影50部

A Chinese Odyssey Part1-Pandora's Box 1994    大话西游之月光宝盒
A Chinese Odyssey Part2-Cinderella 1994    大话西游之仙履奇缘
All for the Winner 1990  赌圣
All's Well Ends Well 1992    家有喜事
All's Well End's Well 1997  97家有喜事
CJ7 limited 2008  长江7号
Curry and Pepper 1990  咖喱辣椒
dragon fight 1989   龙在天涯
Faithfully Yours 1988   最佳女婿
Fight Back to School 1991    逃学威龙
Fight Back to School II 1990    逃学威龙2
Fight Back to School III 1993  逃学威龙3
Final Justice 1988   霹雳先锋
Fist Of Fury 1991  新精武门
Fist of Fury 1991 21992    漫画威龙
Flirting Scholar 1993   唐伯虎点秋香
Forbidden City Cop 1996  大内密探零零发
Fortune Smis 1990   无敌幸运星When
From Beijing With Love 1994    国产凌凌漆
gend of the Dragon 1990    龙的传人
God of Gambrs Back to Shanghai 1991  赌侠II之上海滩赌圣
God of Gambrs2 1990  赌侠
Gorgeous 1999  玻璃樽
Hail the Judge 1994  九品芝麻官
Just Heroes 1989 Repack  义胆群英
Justice My Foot 1992  审死官
King of Beggars 1992  武状元苏乞儿
Kung Fu Hust 2004  功夫
Lawyer Lawyer 1997   算死草
Look Out Officer 1990  师兄撞鬼
Love Is Love 1990  望夫成龙
Love on Delivery 1994  破坏之王
Lung Fung Restaurant 1990  龙凤茶楼
My Hero 1990   一本漫画闯天涯
Out of the Dark 1995    回魂夜
Royal Tramp 1992   鹿鼎记
Royal Tramp2 1992   鹿鼎记2神龙教
sazy dizzy 1990   小偷阿星
Shaolin Soccer 2002   少林足球
Sixty Million Dollar Man 1995  百变星君
The Banquet SUBBED 1991  豪门夜宴
The God Of Cookery 1996    食神
The King of Comedy 1999    喜剧之王
The Lucky Guy 1998  行运一条龙
The Mad Monk 1993  济公
The Magnificent Scoundrels 1991  情圣
the top bet 1991  赌霸
The Tricky Master 1999  千王之王2000
The Unmatchab Match 1989  风雨同路
Tricky Brains 1991   整蛊专家

Tennis Court in Queenstown area

Some courts are not open to public  Quail Rise -45.002353534957564, 168.75157230875968 Arrowtown -44.94668233699295, 168.82240587902302 lowe...