Job Hunting Skills for the New Zealand Market by Kieran Bird

The following is the note taken by Chenxing Mei at Chinese New Settlers Services Trust on 9/3/2017

1.     New Zealand Market
5.7% unemployment rate of New Zealand
10-13% among age 20-25.
The diversity of the employee within company becomes bigger concern which creates specific advantage for Asian job seekers.

Employers often think about three questions regarding non-resident applicants:
a)     Is there language barrier for the applicant?
b)    Will he/she fit in our company culture?
c)     Settlement issue, will he reign from our company the second he gets his PR?

2.     Networking
Register on LinkedIn, more than 60% of the human resources use LinkedIn for hiring.
90% the vacancies were filled via LinkedIn.
Always remember your Elevator Pitch.

Step 4+1:

a)     List top 50 companies you want to get in
b)    Find people who would like to be your boss/manager
c)     Call/ask for contact of that person
d)    Meet for coffee

# Follow up with a Thank You Note with no more than 4 lines.

Question you could ask:

@I wonder if I could take up 15-20 minutes of your time to ask for advice.
REPLY:   What about?
@ I am looking for establishing………/change career into ……., and my background is ………. If you were me, how would you getting a role of ………
@ Can you suggest someone else I can speak with?
@ Do you offer anyone internship?

Always send out a thank you note by handwriting to the person you drink coffee with. It seems a minor thing to do but can bring huge difference and make deep impression on your potential boss.
Handwrite the thank you note to re-sell you self.
Send out the thank you note within one day.

3.     Application
Seek/Trade me
The online job search engine goes through the cv of each applicants and look for specific key words which matches with the job description before alerting the employer.
It means that employer will not review every CV they received, only those with specific key words in it.
So, it is very important to make your CV stands out among all those applicants.
When apply for a specific position, call the given number given and ask for extra information, e.g. any training provided.
Ask for a full version of job description, so that the manager might send you from his email. In this case, you have an advantage of sending out job application to his email instead of seek.
Email application or hand deliver application so that you could make your third impression on that employer.
Ending cover letter with phone call follow up, such as “I ‘ll phone you up in few days to check if you have received my application”. In this way, you have schedule another potential meeting/phone call with employer.
Always, and always follow up with a thank you note. It is important.

4.     CV
Top 3 mistakes of CV:
a)     Mistake spelling
b)    Poorly layout
c)     Long CV

Key elements:
Name, Phone number, Email address. No need for you home address.
Profile, key competence
Name and page number on every page. (So, that your CV will not easily mixed up with others)
Work Experience:
a)     Organization
b)    Job title
c)     Key responsibilities (spell out in order)
d)    Key achievements (be specific)
Interest (balance with strong and quite activities)

5.     Interview


To be standing out in interview you should focus on two parts:
Knowledge AND Enthusiasm
Answering the question by focusing on your skill and competence use above CAR formula.

When asked, describe your life in few words, it means to go through your life and tell them about what characteristic, capability that can match up with the job.

Finally, body language is IMPORTANT.
a)     Keep eye contacts
b)    Firm handshake with everyone
c)     Show confidence
d)    Always smile

Guest Speaker:  Kieran Bird

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