Personnel Requirement

1.     Driver should have valid driving license

2.     Drivers should follow local traffic laws strictly.

3.     Driving after drinking alcohol and driving with flops, bare feet are not allowed.

4.     Carry out daily vehicle maintenance is needed.

Vehicle Driving Safety Regulation

1.     Slow down the speed when driving at cross road or village.

2.     Drivers must have valid license.

3.     The speed of vehicle in work section should not exceed 20KM/H, not exceed 5KM/S in construction site or material stockpile site, not exceeding 10KM/S in crowded area. Give way to small vehicle and passenger to ensure the safety.

4.     Drivers must follow traffic laws strictly, cannot violate traffic regulation. No over speed is allowed.

5.     Daily maintenance of vehicle should be carried out by driver.

6.     No driving allowed after drinking alcohol. No driving allowed when tiring. Regulate daily schedule to ensure good condition when driving.

7.     Handle over the truck to unlicensed driver is forbidden.

8.     Should there be any violation against above regulation, he will be terminated immediately and any consequences caused by will be dealt by Fiji law and regulation.

Daily Basis Regulation

1.             All personnel should follow Project work & rest Schedule. Asking for leave should be requested one day before. Absence for no reason is not allowed. Three times of absent without leave will be terminated automatically.

2.             When waiting for work in yard, worker should not speak loud. Workers should not bring any other person inside Camp yard. Workers will be terminated immediately when found drinking KAVA or alcohol which is not allowed in Camp yard.

3.             Dress neatly without slipper. No litter. Commit no nuisance

4.             Fighting is not allowed.

5.             No meal or accommodation is provided here.

6.             Obey the foreman’s instruction.

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